Makeup tips for TV interviews

When you’re on air you want people to be talking about what you’re saying. You certainly don’t want them to be talking about your eye shadow or your lipstick. And for men, you don’t want them to be commenting on the shine of your skin. If this happens, your message is lost and you have … Continued

Don’t Crash The Pips!

It’s always worth tuning into the last five minutes of Radio 4’s Today programme if you want to hear the human brain performing at the peak of its ability. A live debate that must end – not just stop – exactly ten seconds before 9am, giving the presenter time to name-check the producers, say goodbye … Continued

What questions should YOU ask in a media interview?

As we’ve said before, it’s not just the journalists who get to ask the questions – you can too. Whether you’re being interviewed for print, online, radio or TV, there are certain things you can ask that will ensure you know what’s coming and what the final product might look like. Never be afraid to ask questions. … Continued

10 things journalists hate about press releases

Let’s start with a (rather damning) fact. Journalists copy and paste. Not all the time but often. So they want a press release to be written their way – simple and to the point. They are more likely to use yours if it is exactly what they want from a story.  Here’s another fact: Journalists … Continued