Brussels Is Bleeding

Today’s horrific events in Brussels, and the immediate blanket coverage on TV bringing us all in to the events as they unfold, inevitably leads to thoughts of whether this gives the terrorists what they want – the oxygen of publicity. After all, ISIS have shown an obsession with publicity, sickeningly and cynically using the skills and techniques of video news production to put their perverted view of the world into all our lives. But, also immediately we realise that, as in former Prime Minister Thatcher’s words “starving (terrorists) of the oxygen of publicity” is exactly the wrong thing – even if it were possible. Only by involving the world in the unfolding events can we hope to establish peace and normality. There will be increased security outside airports, and at rail and tube stations indeed every form of public transport that keeps our civilisation operating. People will experience much more difficulty in getting around, at least for a while. But because of the pictures, the words, the opinions that dominate social and mainstream media, the public co-operation on which the success of these measures depends can be nurtured and supported. The universal immediacy of the media today, its ubiquitous influence on every aspect of our lives, is our best weapon in bringing the current madness to an end.

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